Sunday, February 6, 2011

Aroma therapy to help purify the air

For eons and eons, people have used essential oils to purify the air. By using the natural oils from plants, flowers, nuts, seeds, roots, barks, fruits, you can obtain many varieties of different scents,from essential oils. To make you feel pleasant, all around yourself and in the environment that you are in. By burning incense that is made with essential oils, and other natural materials, can make you feel calm peaceful, and help to clear your mind of clutter, and stray thoughts, that you do not want. You can use one kind of an essential oils such as musk, fro opening up your orifices (nose, ears, eyes, mouth) and this is very helpful for relieving your sinuses, head, and your mind. Some essential oils can purify an infected area from odors from pets, bacterias, from the stale air inside your home, eucalyptus, lemon balm, peppermint, lavender winter green, camphor, menthol, will help to clean the air and environment. Myrrh and frankincense are very wonderful essential oils, they are great for helping your mind expand, and be more clear, in your thoughts. Coconut oil, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, can purify your home and office to help you feel more harmonious, in your environment like you are in a tropical rain forest. When you need to relax, and unwind your mind from a long and busy day, use chamomile, hops, orange blossoms, lemon, these scents are to help relax and sleep soundly. Whatever essential oils and scents you decide to use, remember to take a view deep, deep, deep , breath and exhale and enjoy your amazing aroma therapy in this moment right now.
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